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The first of Twenty-Seven videos gleaned from Todd Braye's excellent published work in First Thessalonians

"What is a sermon? Great question! At some basic level, a sermon is a verbal event in a specific place, at a certain time, and for a particular congregation." — Todd Braye

Why should I study God's word as a good Berean?

The Bereans were residents of the city of Berea in Macedonia. They are mentioned in Acts 17:10-15 in the New Testament as being more noble than the people in Thessalonica because they "received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." The Bereans are often cited as exemplars for how Christians should approach the study of Scripture. Here are some reasons to consider adopting a "Berean" approach to studying the Word of God:

Openness Coupled with Discernment

The Bereans were open to listening to Paul and Silas, but they didn't just accept what was said blindly. They verified the teachings against the Scriptures. This balance of openness and discernment is crucial when studying the Word of God.

Diligent Study

The Bereans were diligent and daily in their study of the Scriptures. In a world filled with various interpretations and opinions, diligent study is essential for gaining a deep and nuanced understanding of the Word of God.

Intellectual Engagement

The Bereans engaged their minds in the study of the Scriptures. They didn't see faith as devoid of intellectual activity but integrated the two. Intellectual engagement with the text can deepen your understanding and make your faith more robust.

Community Accountability

While the text focuses on the Bereans' individual readiness and discernment, it's clear that this was also a community activity. Studying the Bible in a community can provide additional perspectives, accountability, and can correct individual biases or misunderstandings.

Protecting Against Error

One of the most crucial reasons to be like a Berean is to protect against doctrinal error. By knowing what the Scriptures say, you can discern truth from falsehood, which is increasingly important in a world filled with varying doctrines and theologies.

Spiritual Growth

Studying the Word of God isn't just an intellectual exercise; it's fundamentally spiritual. The Scriptures are described as "living and active" (Hebrews 4:12) and are instrumental in personal transformation. Taking the time to understand them deeply can significantly affect your spiritual life.

Building a Strong Foundation

Being deeply rooted in the Word allows you to have a strong foundation in your faith. This foundation is essential for enduring the trials and challenges of life, and for helping others in their spiritual journey as well.

Authentic Faith

Being a Berean means you're not just accepting what someone else tells you, but you're taking ownership of your faith. This process helps create an authentic faith rooted in understanding, not just tradition or cultural Christianity.

Nurturing a Love for the Truth

A Berean mindset nurtures a love for the truth, which is essential for spiritual health. Loving the truth enables you to live in a way that honors God and embodies the teachings of Jesus.

By embodying the qualities of a good Berean in your study of the Word, you're taking significant steps in deepening your faith, increasing your understanding, and becoming more effective in your Christian witness.

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