Brief Moe Bio

Soul Winning Via the Internet

 In the early days the Net was rather primitive and primarily a place for pornographers to spread their garbage. It was not quite the commercial  juggernaut we have today. Back then there were no modern and affordable HTML editors. The typical web page was more than likely created with a simple text editor. It was just a matter of time for the hypertext software to show up.  Thankfully we now have Wordpress and other online content managers that make publishing online rather simple. 

Some have described Moe as an Internet pioneer. It's probably because he was creating web pages for Christian ministries since 1995. Moe was creating free ebooks since the '80's so when the Internet surfaced as a medium he jumped on the bandwagon. His first two projects were inaugurated in 1995 beginning with Piper's Notes. Piper's Notes served as the original online library of sermons by Dr. John Piper. It grew at a rapid rate and it needed to expand and flourish so we agreed that Desiring God needed to bring the sermon library "in house".  It was around the year 2000 when Desiring God took the ball and ran with it. That ministry is, in our humble opinion, a most effective Internet ministry having reached millions upon millions throughout the world by providing free use of their materials.

Here's how Desiring God sees their Mission

  "Most people in the world have no experience of deep and abiding joy. Even though it is something we all desperately long for, the assurance that true happiness can be known — fully and forever — is a hope that billions of people live every day without. This is a tragedy. Desiring God is on a mission to change that. We aim to help people everywhere embrace a profound truth that changes everything about life and eternity: 

  We call this truth Christian Hedonism. And declaring it to the world is why we exist."

Understanding Internet Ministry

  Since 1995 there have been numerous other Internet projects Moe was involved with. He helped establish ChristWay Media for D.A. Carson and maintained Providence Theological Seminary for Dr. Gary Long. 

  Moe has shared that one of the most frustrating things he has seen is the failure of Christian ministries to fully utilize the potential of the Internet. Moe's original vision for Internet ministry has never changed. He's enjoyed one driving ambition which is to make everything that could be distributed through the Net, such as sermons, books, audio, video and whatever else that could be digitized  --available for free to the world wide Christian community. That was and remains his vision. He is thankful for Dr. John Piper and Desiring God who have embraced this vision. Desiring God has since made available all of the many years of John Piper's sermons texts, audio and high quality video and much more. Desiring God is an exemplary online ministry. In my opinion they are the most generous online ministry. May our Lord continue to bless their labors.

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