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Article by Marco Silva; Content strategist, (2019)

"In 2018 alone, Piper’s sermons received almost 30 million plays, 

from nearly every country in the world."

Featured by Desiring God (2012)

Dear Friends,

It may surprise you the way the Desiring God website began. That’s what this video is about: how one ordinary man got an extraordinary vision from God. I hope the story of Moe Bergeron inspires you. - John Piper

Read the full article written by Dr. John Piper at Desiring God

Featured by The Gospel Coalition (2012) by Justin Taylor

This is moving for me, since I have been benefiting from the Desiring God website since its beginning in the mid 90s. But there is also a lesson here about the way God loves to work to make things like this happen. (The above video was featured)